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Tower Scaffold Services Inc. has a wealth of experience in providing scaffolding for major restoration, industrial, institutional, and special event projects. We are experts in engineering scaffolding solutions for challenging environments where structural integrity or environmental impacts are a concern. We have recently branched out our efforts into the area of grandstand seating and staging for special events.

Founded in 2001, Badland Buggy has grown to be the industry leader in the design, build & fabrication of off-road vehicles & do-it-yourself buggy construction plans with sales in all 50 US states, all Canadian provinces & over 30 countries worldwide. Badland Buggy began with simply offering well designed 3D construction plans for D-I-Y buggy builders. We have since grown into a full service off-road vehicle company offering complete factory built chassis's, our own brand of specialty off-road products & still offer our high quality industry standard buggy plans. We don't just build buggies - we build dreams.

Off Road Action is Canada's Largest Off Road Racing Site! Wes has supported the Ontario Off Road Racing Association since he moved over here a few years ago from Alberta. He is the guy you see at the races with a camera constantly in front of his face. If you have raced at one of our events, chances are that you are on his website! Not only has Off Road Action paid for and built this site, it is also the sponsor of a new award that Wes introduced for the 2004 season. The Ironman award will be given to all racers that finish every lap of every points heat and main event race of the year.

NORTH AGUSTA MOTORSPORTS PARK is a great facility located between North Agusta and Brockville, Ontario. They have short course, mud drag and truck and tractor pulling tracks.


CDN HARDCORE RACING TEAM is a 3 buggy team that races in the Kamloops, BC series.

ISLAND OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION has a variaty of events on Vancouver Island.

KAMLOOPS OFF ROAD RACING has the wildest short course racing in the west. Lots of racers and spectators and group of dedicated volunteers keeps this BC club on the top. Make sure to check out all the awesome photos on the page!

MONTREAL MOTOCROSS has some of the best Class 10 Buggy action in North America. Drivers come from all over Canada and the US to take place in this late September event.


CHAMPIONSHIP OFF ROAD RACING (CORR) is definatly the largest and best short course series in North America..lots of action!

DUNE BUGGY.COM is one of the largest dune buggy sites around!

OFF ROAD DIRECTORY is one of the largest off road website links pages out there.


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