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The Ontario Off Road Racing Association has a variety of classes that feature stock vehicles right up to 600hp trucks with two feet of suspension travel. Below is a list of current classes available to race in. If your vehicle does not fit into any of the classes listed, let us know. Chances are we will make a class for you if there is enough interest.


There is basicly 3 classes of tough trucks; 4,6 & 8 cylinder. The concept is pretty simple....one vehicle on the track at a time, two laps counterclockwise, then two laps clockwise on the second run. The fastest combined time wins! We have seen everything from Escorts and Subaru's to brand new Mazda 4x4 pickups to full blown race trucks. If there is enough vehicles entered, the classes are then split depending the modifications made to the vehicle. This is an awesome way to start out in off road racing. It is inexpensive (only for members, for non members) and you can use your daily driver or even a beater picked specificly for the weekend.

CLASS 1/2-1600

The Ontario Off Road Racing Associaton currently runs two buggy classes. Class 1/2-1600 is a limited class that features some great racing due to the fact that it relies more on driver skill than who has the deepest pocket. The engine is limited to 1600cc and runs a restrictor plate. The suspension modifications are also limited. With all the limitations, the cost is kept down and the racing is very close! The drivers have a variety of experience as some have been racing for over 20 years and last year was the first for others. Class 1600 is definitely one of the most exciting classes to watch.


Class 4 seems to be the most popular right now. It is also known as the Heavy Metal class as it is intended for the fullsize trucks. The class is a real mix of vehicles with some Fords, Chevs, and a Hummer look a like. Some of the vehicles have exotic suspension and huge horsepower engines while others are more budget orientated. The class is an mix of 2wd and 4x4 trucks. It is a very popular class with both racers and fans alike. There is a lot older race vehicles being dusted off and being run very competitively.


Class 6 is an interesting class that is gaining popularity. The concept is to keep costs down while still having fun. You take a stock truck or car, knock out the windows, place a single roll bar behind the drivers head and one bar across the drivers door, install a fuel cell and a 5 point harness, grab your approved helmet and driving suit and you are off to the races! It is an inexpensive way to get involved in off road racing and an excellent way to gain wheel to wheel racing experience.


Class 7 is very similar to Class 4 except that it is for mini trucks. All vehicles must be powered by a 4 cylinder engine and most of them are 2wd for weight reasons. This class is very competitive and always provides lots of action.


The Class 10 cars are allowed a few more modifications than Class 1600. They are limited to a 1650cc water-cooled engine or an 1850 cc air-cooled engine with a single 2-barrel carb, but the suspension modifications are pretty much unlimited. These cars love to fly and always put on an awesome show. They are extremely nimble and quick.